Thursday, February 26, 2015

Signs That it's Definitely Time for a Brake Job

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Mechanics recommend that car owners get regular inspections of their brakes Longmont service centers, but often, this advice gets ignored. After all, most people don't want to stop in just to have something looked at since it takes time and it's boring to wait for the inspection to be completed. Alas, by the time it becomes obvious that the brakes need service, they have usually incurred expensive damage to the rotors and other parts. Having them inspected allows worn brakes to be fixed when the job still only requires the replacement of the pads. 

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For those who have waited too long, a number of symptoms may appear that let them know that the time has come. One of the most recognizable is the grind of metal brake pad backings against the metal rotors they press into when the brake is activated. This noise is quite obvious if the car radio is off, and since it only happens when the pads have worn away completely, it's a sure sign that a trip to the mechanic is in order. 

Sometimes, the car will pull to one side as it is brought to a halt. This often means that one pad has worn out faster than the other, causing the brake system to have uneven stopping power. When the pads wear unevenly, it can mean that one of the calipers is stuck in the active position. 

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The stuck side is effectively braking at all times. This wears out the pad on that side very quickly. It also increases the car's fuel usage since the vehicle has to strain against an active brake in order to move. 

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An odd howling sometimes accompanies a stuck caliper. This noise may or may not seem to come from the wheel that is actually the problem, but it will likely come from the proper side of the car. Harmonic resonance caused by the contact between the pad and the rotor is sometimes blamed for this sound, but the noise is secondary to the excessive pad wear that is caused by the caliper sticking. 

If the signs of brake damage continue to be ignored, the brakes will eventually fail. There's no real way to predict how long this will take, but it will happen if the problems go on long enough. Therefore, the safest thing to do is have the brakes fixed as soon as it's obvious that they are no longer working right.

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