Friday, January 16, 2015

When to Get Brakes Inspected and Serviced

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When a car is moving at about 60 MPH along the highway, it is easy for the driver to forget that he may need the length of a football field to bring his vehicle to a full stop. That is, it might take the length of a football field to stop a car if the brakes are in good working order. Otherwise, all bets are off. Consider some signs that it might be time to take a car in to get the brakes checked. The Brake Light on the Dashboard Lights Up First, drivers should take the time to study their owner's manual to be sure that they know what the different lights on the dashboard mean. If a fault turns on the brake light on the dashboard, this is one of those alarm that tell drivers to head right for a place that services and inspects brakes longmont.
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In some cases, lights may turn on because of a problem with the sensors, not a problem with the brakes, but that's a risky gamble to take. Pay Attention to Squeaks and Grinding Noises Most brakes are designed to emit a squeak when the brake pads have worn too thin. This sound should be distinct enough to hear with the windows rolled up, but it might not be loud enough to be heard over a loud radio. Once in awhile, it's a good idea for drivers to roll the window down and listen to the sounds that their car makes when it starts and stops. This distinctive squeaking sound means that the vehicle owner should head for a service station soon.
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Not paying attention to the squeaky sound can lead to a grinding noise, and this is really bad. It means that the brake pads are totally worn and there is a large risk of further damage to the entire brake system. Any grinding sound from the brakes should get treated as a brake service emergency. In fact, it is probably a good idea to have the car towed. Maintained Brakes Save Money and Lives. Many auto service stations offer free or very inexpensive brake inspections. If there is a modest charge, the shop may waive if if the customer ends up getting brake service performed at that shop. In any case, getting brakes serviced at the very first sign of trouble keeps small problems from turning into large and dangerous ones.

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